ODI Case Study - Data Ethics Maturity Model

Created By:  Magnus Smidak
Last updated: 15 May 2024
Case study

The Data Ethics Maturity Model is a comprehensive framework designed by the Open Data Institute to evaluate and enhance the integration of ethical data practices across organizations. It aids in assessing current practices, setting future goals, and fostering an ethical data culture.

The Data Ethics Maturity Model provides a structured approach for organizations to self-assess and benchmark the maturity of their data ethics practices. It extends beyond the scope of individual projects, aiming to embed ethical data practices at the organizational level. The model builds on the Open Data Institute’s Data Ethics Canvas and encompasses six themes crucial for ethical data handling, including organizational governance, skills and knowledge, data management risk processes, funding and procurement, stakeholder and staff engagement, and legal standing and compliance.

Category: Characteristics » Use of data and intelligence Data maturity Data maturity » Culture and structure Data maturity » Leadership and strategy Data maturity » Skills and capability Data maturity » Governance and compliance