Standard Lists

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Last updated: 21 Aug 2023

Standard Lists are taxonomies maintained by the LGA and made available openly for categorising and cross-referencing information.

Standard Lists are provided by the LGA’s LG Inform Plus suite of programs. They are taxonomies (controlled lists) used to categories components of local government or information more generally.

Lists are maintained to define types of:

  • Area
  • Circumstance
  • Function of local government
  • Metric type
  • Need
  • Organisation
  • Period of time
  • Power and duty applicable to local government
  • Service

Lists can be searched, downloaded and accessed in a variety of machine reusable ways. Lists comply with the W3C Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) standard. Each list and each term within each list has a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

List terms are cross-referenced with one another.

Lists help define semantic standards for the UK public sector.

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