Guidance to support digital transformation of social care (DHSC)

Created By:  thumbnail Guy Head
Last updated: 01 Mar 2024

The What Good Looks Like framework and digital skills framework will support staff, providers and local authorities to benefit from new technology.  Includes a number of 'best practice tools' that supported the programme.

"Digital skills framework sets out the skill areas needed for people working in adult social care.  Provides a comprehensive framework across 7 key areas with knowledge criteria and useful resources.  This is really useful in understand the digital / training elements of cultural change for transformation within adult social care.  Could also be applied more generally too.

What good looks like framework sets out a great bechmark for what your transformation should look like (specific to adult social care)."

Category: Change approach » Service focus Characteristics » Use of digital and technology Data maturity » Culture and structure Data maturity » Systems and tools Data maturity » Skills and capability Local government services » Adult social care