Public Sector Transformation Academy: Commissioning Academy

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Last updated: 04 Mar 2024

The Commissioning Academy is designed to give you the tools, techniques and confidence to approach the most challenging issues facing communities in a collaborative, creative and evidence-driven way.

Launched by Cabinet Office in 2013, the Commissioning Academy combines the latest and proven practices on leading change across complex systems to enable you to bring to bear the ideas, assets and energy of all parties to realise better outcomes for the people you serve. We offer the:

  • National Commissioning Academy, which invites applications from all public service organisations. From June 2020, the National Commission Academy will be offered virtually (see below).
  • Local, place-based academies, bringing together partners across a locality for collaborative systems change and transformation. We have designed and delivered place-based academies focused on health and social care integration in a range of localities including Somerset, Suffolk, the Wirral and Greater Manchester
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