Grant Thornton: Transforming local authorities: three levers for change

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Last updated: 04 Mar 2024

With local authorities needing to act now to avoid financial failure, we explore the three key levers they can use to deliver genuine change: transformation, modernisation and reprioritisation.

Public finances have been under tremendous and historic pressure in the past couple of years. With demand for council services rising and pandemic-related support potentially ending, local authorities face significant challenges to their financial sustainability. Delivering change in such an environment isn't easy – but it's essential if councils are to make the most of operating and financial efficiencies, and the opportunities that can come from modern service delivery.

Here we look at three levers that can be used to support and effect change. We explore common stumbling blocks, potential change opportunities and offer three real-life case studies of how councils can transform, modernise and reprioritise.

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