East Dunbartonshire Council Organisational Transformation Business & Improvement Plan

Created By:  thumbnail Guy Head
Last updated: 04 Mar 2024

The strategic grouping of Organisational Transformation includes Business & Digital Change, Procurement, Strategic Commissioning Team, Human Resources & Organisational Development and Health & Safety with a number of statutory duties provided within the functional areas.

Organisational Transformation teams provide strategic, operational and transactional services to all strategic services within the Council and HSCP.  The purpose of which is to maximise organisational and people performance and ensure that the Council and HSCP has the capability to respond to future challenges and customer requirements. 

A core purpose is to provide leadership of digital and organisational transformation to embrace the possibilities of innovation, new technologies and associated service redesign.  The development of transformation opportunities to meet medium and longer term organisational and financial challenges are at the heart of delivery.  With legislative provision and organisational transformation at the core of our Procurement Governance framework, providing a clear framework to deliver organisational objectives.

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