Knowledge Hub Digital Collaboration Groups

Free or low-cost collaboration spaces helping you effectively communicate, collaborate, and connect with stakeholders, partners, and colleagues.

Exchange knowledge and experience in secure communities of practice, project groups and workspaces.

Groups can be open, access controlled or hidden and include collaboration tools, such as discussions, shared libraries and news listings.

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Knowledge Hub Digital Networks

Simple, easy-to-use digital collaboration helping you effectively communicate, collaborate and connect with stakeholders, partners and employees.

Manage your own branded channel, members and communities hosted on the Knowledge Hub platform, meaning no infrastructure burden.

Build a flexible collaboration space with a mixture of accessible open groups and closed intranet-style workspaces.

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Knowledge Hub Microsites

Your own branded mini website – microsite – hosted on Knowledge Hub to promote your knowledge, assets, resources and services publicly.

An always open, accessible, digital exhibition space, where you can create responsive web pages, listings utilising Knowledge Hub’s extensive digital toolset, without the need for hosting and maintenance fees.

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