The SRLA is a pan-European expert network aimed at advancing knowledge and use of risk management for strategic decision-making in European national and local governments comprising the public sector at large and it links to private enterprise. In an increasingly (inter)connected, complex and fast-evolving world, public policymakers and administrators are confronted with new emergent risks and uncertainties, many of which have a systemic nature that potentially can affect the socio-economic fabric of our societies.

The public risk landscape is characterized by complex interrelationships where dynamic changes can cause extreme and unpredictable events where collaborative solutions are required to deal effectively with the public exposure. We need enhanced capabilities to deliver basic public goods and services under various conditions including extreme events as a basis for resilience that is a core challenge of 21st century public administration. This requires development of strategic risk-thinking with agile adaptive risk-practices prioritizing risk-informed strategy development in public policy and public administration systems.


UDiTE signs Strategic Partnership Agreement with SRLA

On the 19th April 2024 in Siena, UDiTE's President, Stephane Pintre and SRLA's President, Magda Stepanyan signed a  new Strategic Partnership 2024- 2026 agreeing to work towards building good public administration governance and resilience across Europe and beyond.


The specific objectives of this partnership include:

(i) to foster greater understanding and exchange of knowledge, ideas and expertise on local government risk management and strategic risk leadership for Local Government Chief Executives; and

(ii) to shape and implement joint activities that can benefit from the comparative advantages of both Strategic Partners.

Register now for the Executive Master Class in Public Risk Leadership

On the 4th October UDiTE will support the next Executive Masterclass in Public Risk Leadership that will take place at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in Denmark. This full-day executive masterclass is specifically tailored for mayors and executive members of municipalities and local authorities in Europe.

The Executive Master Class will give participants a solid research-based understanding of the theoretical foundations of (public) risk management practices and the application of predominant frameworks adopted in public sector contexts. The venue will present specific skills, tools, and approaches that can be applied to deal with public exposures with a critical view to the way risk management is currently adopted in public sector settings around the world. The participants will be introduced to novel challenging perspectives of dynamic complexity with facilitated discussions on strategic risk leadership required to deal with the highly uncertain public risk landscapes with many unknown factors. The Executive Master Class provides a solid foundation for theoretical and practical issues related to public risk management and contemporary decision-making situations. It presents a range of risk management methods and approaches applied to handle public sector exposures and improve preparedness for unexpected events.

The Masterclass will:-

  1. Provide you with a high-level overview of risk management frameworks and practices – presenting the foundational thinking and principles for best risk management practices.
  2. Develop current insights on public sector risk management practices - presenting updated research and empirics on emerging response patterns to public exposures.
  3. Facilitate open discussions among participants about the demands and challenges of contemporary public risk leadership – considering what it takes to succeed.

The Masterclass will address the:-

  • identification, assessment, and treatment of public risk
  • uncertain environmental exposures of public service delivery
  • peculiarities of the public sector as risk manager of last resort
  • strategic risk management approaches to deal with public risk scenarios
  • critically assess emerging events and prepare for public emergency scenarios
  • leadership requirements to deal with uncertainty and unknown future conditions
  • leadership characteristics needed to effectively address and facilitate viable solutions
  • discussing insights from current action research on public risk management applications
  • sharing implementation experiences of risk strategies in public service delivery
  • embedding strategic risk management into public organisations

The Executive Master Class in Public Risk Leadership will form a cohort of public sector executives for fruitful interaction and networking opportunities that will prevail as a strong learning community for a long time after attending the venue.




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