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Why Knowledge Hub?

The benefits of KHub collaboration

The benefits of using Knowledge Hub - low cost, efficiency, digital tools, income share, flexibility, community-led, peer network, breaks down silos, improves engagement and development, expert communities, proven support


A complete community platform

A full set of digital collaboration tools delivering great community experiences for members.

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Different people and faces


How could your organisation benefit from a Knowledge Hub Network?

Communicate, connect and collaborate effectively with your own branded network of groups. Ideal for organisations, membership bodies, professional and subject associations seeking to reduce the costs of hosting infrastructure.

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Looking to promote your business to the public sector?

Knowledge Hub can help.
With over 45,000 unique visitors and 5,500 social interactions a month, triggering over 500,000 individual email content notifications, we can help you get your messages seen by the right people. 

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What kind of group could you create?

From small project groups, to large national and international communities of practice, Knowledge Hub digital collaboration groups help you in your work.

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What do Knowledge Hub members really think?

Read real stories from our members, including the benefits of membership, opportunities to develop new skills and how it supports practitioners.

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